10 Must-See YouTube Presentations on Social Media

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Social media is quickly changing the way nonprofits interact with their constituents. Traditionally, communication has been a one way process. Business and nonprofits had focused on providing a web experience that was informative and structured. Organizational messages were carefully crafted and used precise professional language. Organizations also had full control over the information presented to their constituents. Yet, this approach lacked human context. Individuals, although committed to their causes, lacked the ability to impact and influence the decision process of the organizations they supported.

Today, “command and control” communications is slowly becoming outmoded. Social media is the new way to communicate with supporters. Why? Because it allows organizations to connect with potential donors, volunteers and constituents on a more personal level. Failure to realize the power of social media can cost your organization in the long run.

How does this shift in communications affect your nonprofit and how can social media strategies and tools help you raise money, recruit volunteers and increase brand visibility? These questions are explored in-depth on the video presentations below. Experts from around the country discuss the dynamic and expanding opportunities for nonprofits to capitalize on social media. What are you waiting for? Watch them now!

Gear Up for Giving: The Click Daly Show on Social Media for Nonprofits

Social Media Strategy for Nonprofits

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What the Heck is Social Media

Using Social Media for Good Causes

5 Facebook Tips for Nonprofits with Randi Zuckerberg

Transforming Your Cause Through Social Media

Nonprofit Defining Success Online

Using Video to Promote Your Cause

Guide to Online Video for Nonprofits – Marketing Your Campaign

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