Mobile Giving: Meet James Eberhard

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The mobile platform for social good is here to stay. Eberhard says “you can put a bucket outside a grocery store and hope to collect some spare change, but what if you put that bucket in front of everybody in the United States?” There is a huge untapped resource in America’s 290 million mobile phones. What does that mean for your next fund raising campaign?

Email Marketing for Nonprofits: 3 Essential Techniques

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As a nonprofit, you’re always looking for ways to increase donations, brand visibility and support. By now you’ve either adopted email marketing or you will shortly. After all, email marketing is easy, inexpensive and, in most cases, yields the highest ROI. Learn three essential techniques that will actually make a difference in your email marketing campaigns.

10 Must-See YouTube Presentations on Social Media

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Today, “command and control” communications is slowly becoming outmoded. Social media is the new way to communicate with supporters as it allows you to connect with potential donors, volunteers and constituents on a more personal level. Experts from around the country discuss the dynamic and expanding opportunities for nonprofits to capitalize on social media.

10 Essential Social Media SlideShare Presentations for Nonprofits

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People, through social media, are re-defining the way organizations interact with their supporters. Donors, volunteers, interns and supporters want to connect with you in an authentic way. Your organization can leverage the power of social media to advance its mission. So, don’t wait any longer to be part of the conversation. To help you get started, I have hand-picked 10 SlideShare presentations you’d actually want to spend time reading!

Using Social Media to Connect with Wired Wealthy Donors

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Nowadays, organizations can easily access huge numbers of potential and existing constituents via social media. Many major nonprofits are already using social media to raise awareness and increase online donations. Learn how “wired wealthy” donors use the Internet, make decisions regarding charitable contributions and ways you can reach out to them.

Designing Your Website to Draw in Donors

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Online giving is growing and fast. Many nonprofits are already reaching out and acquiring new donors via the Internet. However, most nonprofits aren’t focused on their donors’ experience online. The good news is that reorganizing your fund-raising efforts with a focus on the donor’s experience doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Learn 10 tips to make your donors feel appreciated through your website and increase online donations.

10 Easy Tips to Optimize Your Donate Now Button

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Did you know that your donate button can significantly affect online donations? As silly as it may seem, donors respond to the color, size and copy on the donate button. Learn 10 easy ways to optimize your donate button and give it the emotional tone that touches people and invites them to donate.