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Do-Good iPhone Apps

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Charity is a obviously a good thing, and when iOS apps let you give to worthy causes by playing games or checking in, it’s a no-brain…right? You choose what causes matter to you, and the app acts as the go-between. Sometimes you simply buy the app, and some of the profits go to the cause. Learn how Earthjustice and The Beautiful Day Foundation are using mobile technology to engage with their supporters.

5 Must-Have Google Tools to Rock Your Website

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Google is more than just a search engine. It offers a diverse range of services from productivity applications to instant messaging. You can make use of these 5 powerful Google tools to optimize your website, attract more supporters and increase online donations. Google Apps and tools are top of the line and free — Rock your website today!

Google Apps for Nonprofits

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Learn about Google tools your nonprofit can use to promote your cause, raise money and operate more efficiently. In this post we will be exploring Google Apps including: Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs and Talk. In addition, Google Apps are packed with powerful spam filtering and customizable security features. If you are a small or medium size nonprofit, apply today. Google Apps is free.