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Do-Good iPhone Apps

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Charity is a obviously a good thing, and when iOS apps let you give to worthy causes by playing games or checking in, it’s a no-brain…right? You choose what causes matter to you, and the app acts as the go-between. Sometimes you simply buy the app, and some of the profits go to the cause. Learn how Earthjustice and The Beautiful Day Foundation are using mobile technology to engage with their supporters.

Using Foursquare to Advance Your Nonprofit’s Mission

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Did you know that 4% of online Americans use location-based services such as Foursquare? Using internet-connected mobile devices’ geolocation capabilities, this social network let users notify others of their locations by “checking in” to that location. Learn how your nonprofit can use Foursquare to increase brand visibility, raise funds and engage with supporters.

The Dragonfly Effect: 4 Principles of Engagement

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From Charity: Water and Alex’s Lemonade to Kiva and Tom’s Shoes, The Dragonfly Effect tells the stories of how nonprofit organizations are using social technologies to engage and inspire people to participate in movements for change. Learn the four main components of a successful engagement strategy.

Beyond the Code: 25 Best Nonprofit Websites

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From Parkinson research to fighting poverty, a small group of nonprofits are using their virtual real estate effectively. Besides having a sleek design, these nonprofits are implementing key features that wow users and keep them coming back. Check out the elements all great nonprofit websites have in common and find out who is doing things right!

Mobile Giving: Meet James Eberhard

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The mobile platform for social good is here to stay. Eberhard says “you can put a bucket outside a grocery store and hope to collect some spare change, but what if you put that bucket in front of everybody in the United States?” There is a huge untapped resource in America’s 290 million mobile phones. What does that mean for your next fund raising campaign?

Creating an Effective Twitter Profile

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Profiles are like real estate you “own” in the social media world. Like a home’s tended garden or freshly painted shutters, it welcomes visitors and creates an impression of the people who live inside. Therefore, you want to put some thought and energy in coming up with a profile that will engage people. Learn best-practices for creating an effective Twitter profile.