Nonprofit Listen to Supporters for Feedback

Are You Listening to Your Supporters?

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Supporters communicate with your organization through their online interactions — are you listening? Read my 5 quick tips to successful donor cultivation. Then learn proven “listening” techniques and strategies from two leading communications experts that will help you engage your supporters!

Mobile Giving: Meet James Eberhard

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The mobile platform for social good is here to stay. Eberhard says “you can put a bucket outside a grocery store and hope to collect some spare change, but what if you put that bucket in front of everybody in the United States?” There is a huge untapped resource in America’s 290 million mobile phones. What does that mean for your next fund raising campaign?

Google Grants for Nonprofits

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Google in-kind advertising services for nonprofits gives FREE ADVERTISING up to $10,000 per month to selected nonprofits. Google does this through its advertising program called AdWords. Through this program your organization can take its fundraising goals to the next level. Google gives you the same marketing potential and outreach that major nonprofits and big business with large marketing budgets enjoy.