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Do-Good iPhone Apps

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Charity is a obviously a good thing, and when iOS apps let you give to worthy causes by playing games or checking in, it’s a no-brain…right? You choose what causes matter to you, and the app acts as the go-between. Sometimes you simply buy the app, and some of the profits go to the cause. Learn how Earthjustice and The Beautiful Day Foundation are using mobile technology to engage with their supporters.

100 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits

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Melanie Mathos and Chad Norman give us “50 (More) Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits.” Learn how to better engage your supporters, communicate your mission and inspire action using the social web. I will show you how to implement ten of my favorite tactics in a series of blogs.Turbo-charge your social media strategy today!

Beyond the Code: 25 Best Nonprofit Websites

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From Parkinson research to fighting poverty, a small group of nonprofits are using their virtual real estate effectively. Besides having a sleek design, these nonprofits are implementing key features that wow users and keep them coming back. Check out the elements all great nonprofit websites have in common and find out who is doing things right!

5 Must-Have Google Tools to Rock Your Website

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Google is more than just a search engine. It offers a diverse range of services from productivity applications to instant messaging. You can make use of these 5 powerful Google tools to optimize your website, attract more supporters and increase online donations. Google Apps and tools are top of the line and free — Rock your website today!

Designing Your Website to Draw in Donors

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Online giving is growing and fast. Many nonprofits are already reaching out and acquiring new donors via the Internet. However, most nonprofits aren’t focused on their donors’ experience online. The good news is that reorganizing your fund-raising efforts with a focus on the donor’s experience doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Learn 10 tips to make your donors feel appreciated through your website and increase online donations.

10 Easy Tips to Optimize Your Donate Now Button

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Did you know that your donate button can significantly affect online donations? As silly as it may seem, donors respond to the color, size and copy on the donate button. Learn 10 easy ways to optimize your donate button and give it the emotional tone that touches people and invites them to donate.